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Existence Series by Abbi Glines 1)Existence 2)Predestined ) Leif 3)Ceaseless . Existence - Abbi starucarulrap.ml KB. Predestined - Abbi starucarulrap.ml 1 MB. Existence triology. Abbi Glines. Existence - Abbi Glines (1).epub. KB. Predestined - Abbi Glines (2).epub. KB. Leif - Abbi Glines (). Existence Book 3. Books epub. Abbi Glines. Ceaseless. Existence - Abbi starucarulrap.ml KB. Predestined - Abbi starucarulrap.ml

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Existence Abbi Glines Epub

(Existence Trilogy #1) Existence - Abbi Glines - dokument [*.epub] Existence by Abbi Glines Wild Child starucarulrap.ml Culver City California Existence. (Existence Trilogy #3) Ceaseless - Abbi Glines - dokument [*.epub] (Pagan - Existence) "If you are determined for this soul to remain by your side, then a. (Existence Trilogy #2) Predestined - Abbi Glines - dokument [*.epub] please contact [email protected] Abbi Glines County Road

Automatyczne logowanie. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form without written permission from the publisher, except by a reviewer who may quote brief passages for review purposes. Please delete and support the author by downloading the ebook from one of its many distributors. This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to any person, living or dead, any place, events or occurrences, is purely coincidental. The characters and story lines are created from the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. For information concerning the cover art please visit Stephanie Mooney's website at http: Prologue "The soul has been marked since birth. It wasn't meant to live out this lifetime. Stay out of my room. I could've been naked!

My dad, Joe, who passed on the ability to spin a story to me.

Abbi Glines

He doesn't get acknowledged for this often enough but I am incredibly thankful for this gift. The Paranormal Plumes: They aren't just authors whose stories I adore but they've become friends I truly love.

The advice, encouragement, last minute editing, and all other forms of support I get from this group is priceless. Chapter One Don't look at him and he'll go away. I chanted in my head, as I walked toward my locker. It took an extreme amount of willpower not to glance back over my shoulder.

Not only would alerting him I could see him be pointless but it would also be stupid. The halls were already full of students. Although, if he'd followed me inside the school I would have seen him easily enough through the throngs of people.

He would stand out just like they always did, unmoving and watching. Have you seen Leif? I mean honestly can he get any hotter? Oh, yes he can. Football camp must've agreed with him," I replied, forcing a smile. I couldn't care less how hot Leif Montgomery looked. Miranda rolled her eyes and opened the locker beside mine. You didn't just say hotness. The halls were full of normal people, living people.

They were talking, laughing, and reading over their schedules. It was all very real. I let out a sigh of relief. This was the first day of my senior year.

I wanted to enjoy it. I so enjoyed Geometry last year. I hated Algebra my freshman year and I can already feel the negative vibes coming from my textbook. OH, look, look, look, there he is," Miranda managed to squeal in a hushed tone while nodding her head toward where Leif stood talking to other football players.

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Empty rooms were places I usually avoided at all cost. Given the fact the bell wouldn't ring for five more minutes, this room would no doubt remain empty for the next four minutes. If I'd stayed out in the hall, I would have been dragged by Miranda over to where Leif stood surrounded by his chosen few. I knew without a doubt he wasn't interested in talking to Miranda.

We'd been going to school with Leif since we were eleven. Since his move from somewhere up north to the coastal town of Breeze, Florida, never had he acknowledged either of us. Not that I minded. He wasn't my type. I walked over to the desk closest to the window and put my bag down.

A movement, out of the corner of my eye, caused the hairs on my arms to prickle. I'd known better than to stay in this empty room. But I was here now and running would make it worse.

I turned to face the same soul from outside sitting in a chair at the back of the classroom with his feet propped up on the desk in front of him and his arms crossed casually over his chest.

How had he known I could see him? I'd given no indication outside. Normally ghosts needed a little clue from me to realize I wasn't as blind as the rest of the world. Something was different with this one. I dropped my gaze and started to turn around. Maybe I should go join Miranda and the jock squad out in the hall.

If I acted like I didn't see him and casually made my way back into the hallway then he might think he'd made a mistake and float away or walk through a wall or something. I gripped the hard plastic chair beside me so hard that my knuckles turned white. I fought down a startled little cry- almost a scream-in the back of my throat. Should I ignore him? Should I respond? Alerting him that his hunch was right might not end well. But ignoring this was going to be impossible. He could speak.

Souls never talked to me. From the time I realized that the strangers who frequently watched me or appeared in my home and wandered the halls were not visible to anyone but me, I'd started ignoring them. Seeing dead people wasn't a new thing for me but having them talk to me was definitely a new twist. Are you going to let me down too? There was a familiar drawl in his voice now. I'd been dealing with wandering souls, which is what I like to think of them as, all my life. They didn't frighten me but I liked to ignore them so they would go away.

If they ever thought I could see them, they followed me. He continued to watch me with an amused expression on his face. I noticed his crooked grin produced a single dimple. The dimple didn't seem to fit with his cold, arrogant demeanor. As much as his presence annoyed me, I couldn't help but admit this soul could only be labeled as ridiculously gorgeous. Were you expecting me to be mute? You're the first one who has ever spoken to me.

He was definitely the most unique soul I'd ever seen. Ignoring a soul who could talk was going to be hard. This wasn't going like I'd hoped. I needed to think this through. I'd completely screwed that up. For over ten years I'd been waiting for the moment when I would speak to her and know that she would remember me it tomorrow. She's a complete bitch.

I'm not in the mood," I growled picking up speed. Not attractive, my prince," she replied with an amused tone. Breaking through her wall of ice is going to be impossible. Kendra felt it too. She stiffened and took a step closer to me. Who was he after? No one's soul had left their body.

The awe in her voice was obvious. But I saw nothing. Slowly the feeling left and I took a deep breath. He was gone. Nodding my head, I slammed my locker. He's Death.

He can go wherever he wants to go. Just back off me, okay. Maybe I could get some peace and quiet in there. Anger, fear, and helplessness battled inside me. Should I go ask my father what to do? Would he know the answer to this? We'd saved her from Death once already. Why was he back? How many times would Death come for her?

[PDF]Existence by Abbi Glines Book Free Download (161 pages)

She was only seventeen. I had to find a way to stop this.

I couldn't get close enough to her house without alerting Death that I was near. He would feel me and come find me. Although Death had no power over me, crossing him wasn't something I wanted to do. Did he know it was me that kept her alive all those years ago when he'd come to take her soul? Had he figured it out? Was he coming to right a wrong? I didn't come to him often for help.

I preferred to keep my distance from his life in Vilokan. The Voodoo afterlife would be my final dwelling once Pagan was mine. But right now, I wanted to be close to her. Vilokan felt so dark and lonely without her with me. The two small orange tips of his cigarettes were the only light around us. Father hated it when I paced. Whut dat gurl done to send de Death afta her again?

Dat all it means. She hates me. I don't know why but she does. I need to make her love me before I take her to Vilokan. If she doesn't love me, she will never accept her fate. Jus take de gurl and be done wit it.

De fun is de sex, not de love. This was not the helpful words I'd been hoping for. But then my father believed that sex, parties, and rum were the most important things in life. I've worked too damn hard to win her trust over the years. I've protected her. Met her needs. I need her love. Can't you understand that? I wilt do whut I can. But if'n it's de love you need. Den get it, soon. I approached her today. I'm going to do my best. I just need more time. I had to make her see there was more to me than a popular football player.

Stupidly, I'd thought making myself wanted among her peers would win her heart. I should've known better. Pagan wasn't shallow. Father was gone, leaving me standing in the darkness alone once more.

He was no help. Needing her love wasn't something he would ever understand. My parent's relationship had absolutely nothing to do with love. Why was I so different from them? Lifting my eyes back to the direction of Pagan's house I waited for him to leave.

I would not let Death leave with her soul. I had to do something to protect her without alerting him. But what? I could feel her anxiety as she stood there. This was a good sign. At least she was coming to me because I was still unsure how to approach her again. Stepping out into the hallway, my joy at having her waiting to speak with me was diminished by the fact Death stood somewhere nearby.

I couldn't see him but I could feel his icy cold presence. As much as I wanted to make this easy on her I knew I couldn't.

Death knew I wasn't human. I didn't want to alert him to my true intentions. I leaned against the wall and crossed my arms. She nibbled her bottom lip nervously. Death moved closer to us and I fought back the cringe that crawled over me at his nearness. I did sign up to tutor for extra credit and I shouldn't have treated you the way I did," she paused and stared up at me with an anxious expression.

I wanted to ease her mind but I couldn't. Not here. Not with him watching and listening. I would do whatever she allowed just to be close to her. But Dankmar was near. I kept the bored expression on my face and pretended to be thinking her offer over. When it looked like she might bolt, I replied, "Are you offering because of Mr. Did he make you do this? One day soon I'd be able to reach out and smooth it away with my fingertips,,, or lips.

I was wrong and, honestly, I don't even know you well enough to form an opinion of you. I'm offering to help because you need it.

It was hard to look away from his eyes. Something in them was magnetic. Almost like my body was drawn to him. I didn't like it. It scared me. It was wrong. It wasn't normal. You have got to be kidding me. I've got to get you out more. I can't believe it is you are really standing here. Holding her Pagan's box.

Do you go here? I didn't know you went to college? I am such a big fan. Yet You Stay is my ringtone. Love it! Wait,,, "You're the lead singer in that band," I paused, because I couldn't remember their name. I knew Miranda loved them. I just tuned her out most of the time when she started going on and on about something. He is the lead singer of Cold-freaking-Soul. How could you not know this? The amused grin on his face made me feel like he knew something I didn't.

That annoyed me. Thanks for your offer to help but I've got it," I said reaching out to take the box he was holding. He arched one eyebrow and shifted the box out of my reach. But I want to carry it to your room. He had said please. Give her the damn box and let's go. We got stuff to do.

Something that I was pretty sure was anger flashed in his eyes.

Predestined abbi glines epub download

He didn't even glance back in her direction. She wanted me to let Dank Walker carry my box of shoes and he was obviously determined to help me. Miranda, you show him where the room is.

The amused look vanished and Dank Walker seemed annoyed. He shouldn't be hitting on another girl while he has one on the back of his bike. I wasn't stupid. I knew guys in rock bands were players. That was not my thing. Miranda began bubbling over with words and more words as she started walking toward the dorm trying very hard to hold Dank's attention.

She could handle him. I had no doubt. Heading back to the Land Rover, I tried to block out their voices and focus on the boxes I needed to unload. Chapter Two Dank Three days ago I'd held her in my arms as she fell asleep telling me about all the things she'd packed.

I had teased her about packing too much and not being able to fit it all in her dorm room. She had promised me she would wear those pick high heels on our first official college date. Everything had been perfect. Pagan had loved me. Now, she didn't even know me. I'd made sure of that. I also knew this room was the biggest one available.

I wanted Pagan to have the best. I wanted every experience she had to be perfect. She'd been through so much with me already. This was supposed to be the beginning of our happily-ever-after. It's huge! I wonder if this is the right one? We're just freshman. My existence in the human world over the past year had been altered.

Pagan wouldn't remember. They'd taken that from her. Every memory-gone. Pagan will want to be further from the bathroom. It takes me longer to get ready and she can sleep later in the mornings.

Pagan wouldn't spend much time getting ready in the mornings. It also reminded me that I wouldn't be here to hold her and kiss the sleepy look on her face. I placed the box beside her closet. Agony at the separation was slicing through me. Then there was the fear. What if Pagan didn't choose me?

What if I never held her again? What if she never looked at me again with love in her eyes? Could I exist without that? I couldn't. It was past time we headed out to collect souls. It was just so hard to leave her now that I had her close again. Being unable to touch her or allow her to see me was torture. I'd forgotten she was a Cold Soul fan.

I'd been Pagan's boyfriend to her for a while now. The fact she was a fan had faded away. This was going to be annoying. Is it sold out? I'd love to go. I've never seen you perform live. Several times. But that was also forgotten. Before I could come up with a suitable reply Gee interrupted me. One with a Cajun-talking Daddy, if you know what I mean. I stalked past Miranda and shoved Gee aside as I made my way down to the parking lot in the closest thing to human speed as I could manage.

But because I knew Leif was near Pagan and she didn't know who he was or what he had done, I felt justified a slightly more efficient mode of travel. I didn't want to scare Pagan by appearing out of thin air. So I came up behind her. Leif felt my presence because his entire body tensed.

I started to take a step forward when Gee grabbed my arm and pulled me back with a hard tug.


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